Marriage is one of the most important celebrations in our life. It ranks right up there with our birth, entering this world, and with our passing, departing this world. In so many ways, marriage contains our whole circle of life. Through marriage, we often create a new life and have babies, and we hope to be together for each other in marriage, up to our last breaths. From our wedding day on, there are many priceless gifts that a sacred marriage can bestow upon us. It matters not whether our marriage is to another, their body and soul, or a […]

Within your own imagination is your potential to merge with HER… or rather YOU… your Divine Goddess… your True Nature. SHE is the inner reflection of you divinely feminine soul. She is known as “Lady in Red”… or “My Queen”… or “My Lady,” because you bow to her as your way-shower and your guide.  She’s however spritely or divinely you envision HER. SHE is your best girlfriend… your closest confidant… your observer and your advisor.  She sits on your shoulder or she resides in the temple of your own heart… or both. Our Divine Femininity is our planet’s savior! Is

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