Do you happen to possess true self-confidence? I’m talking about more than just liking yourself. I mean truly feeling the breadth, the depth, and the pervasive, uplifting energy of life force that pours off of you in waves of self-acceptance that everyone around you can feel. That would entail walking with authentic pride everywhere you go. That means you are in your mastery and power during intimacy. That also means you are in full disclosure behind your eyes… hiding nothing and exposing everything, fearlessly. I’ve been looking back on my own journey of reclaiming, and remembering what it means to be embodied […]

  How You See Others Can Tell You a Great Deal About Yourself   Have you ever noticed how you compare yourself to others?   Say your good friend suddenly meets a man and he is crazy about her. The more they see of each other, the more your mind turns to thoughts such as… She really isn’t that attractive. She still carries that extra weight. At least she could get a new hairstyle or do something more to enhance her looks. And on and on you go, comparing and judging your friend by outside appearances, rather than showing sincere

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