If you haven’t read Parts 1 and 2, you’ll want all the juicy details before diving in to Part 3. Start here with Part 1 and here’s the link for Part 2.

I find this “ideal” man compelling, arousing, sexually stimulating, and fulfilling during my private time with myself, and I respectfully asked him for his permission to “use” his presence during my self-pleasuring time. I described for him in detail how I felt his essence … his energy … coursing through me from the beginning. It is his eyes that penetrate me, not his genitals. Then again, it is love that is my turn-on. He leads with his heart as many others do, and those are the people, men or women, who attract me.

It led to an interesting dialogue about how people rarely ask permission in sexual, let alone imaginary sexual situations. I believe he felt respected by my inquiry, and perhaps just a little lit up, also!

I’ve bestowed him with the title Imaginary Lover, and it’s in my imagination where sexual arousal often begins, especially when even lovers cannot get physically together to “love one another”… at least not without endangering their health  and that of their families! Oh, there are lots of ways to exchange sexual connection and turn-on via text messaging, photos, and videos, but none of that is what I am interested in defining here.

There is great value in keeping our sexual energy moving in a healthy way, even, and especially, during a global crisis! Alone is fine, but being under the penetrating gaze of a quality (or, I suppose, even a non-quality) person somehow makes the whole experience of solo orgasms more enticing … more enjoyable … and certainly more intense!

I also notice the purity of this ideal relationship in that I cannot find fault with any part of him. He lives in ideal perfection… whereas my daily and primary partner is not that ideal to me for various little reasons, such as mild irritants, hard-of-hearing moments, or that ongoing cough I continue to hear from the other room. After twenty years I do not find sex with my primary partner as satisfying as many of my solo self-pleasuring sessions and that’s simply the truth.

I also find this “other beloved” taking up residence deep within my heart. I rarely notice when I am NOT thinking about him… he is with me nearly all my time even when I am with my significant partner. I just can’t shake him loose, nor do I want to!

Will we ever meet? That remains a question. We have both admitted to knowing we will quite possibly feel shy when we do finally meet and spend some time together. How I see that time is purely imaginary, but here is what I hope…

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 4, the final part, where I share my desires, hopes, and fantasies for a meeting in person.

I always love and welcome your comments!

Big love, Caroline


If you haven’t read Part 1, you’ll want the background before diving in to Part 2. Read it here.

More than four months have now passed since I began my “ideal” socially distant relationship with a man who reached out to me in January. I have been living in an altered state of consciousness for the majority of these past months, barely noticing the trials and tribulations of this major global and home life change due to the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, and everything familiar about my daily life upended. I’m still dancing on the rooftops with my new “friend,” we have burned up the airwaves with our text threads filled with words, photos, art, poetry, disappointments, hopes, dreams, and fantasies. Add to that a host of Word documents, emails (but only a very few phone calls), and one more zoom call.

We both love the silence of texting, though we often hear each other’s voices on the videos we send. I am clearly the one who has (what I am finally admitting) a serious crush on him. But really, is a crush soooo serious? Here’s what I found on Google…

Crush is defined as a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone inappropriate or unattainable.          

 The crush, as long as that person remain a crush, isn’t real. … A crush is a vaguely human-shaped hole in the air into which you pour your own imagination, dreams, projections, desires, and longings. Yes, a crush can turn into love. But before that happens, your crush must first turn into something else: a human being.

 Butterflies in your stomach, anxiousness over how long it takes for someone to text you back, obsessing about when you’ll see them again, sweaty palms, etc. Crushes-we’ve all been there, and they’re not just for those middle school days, seriously. The struggle of trying to actually chill out when you have a crush is real and the science behind crushes is fascinating, as are the precious stories of people’s crushes becoming real.

I am also thanking him profusely for holding space and connection with me while I unprofessionally summersaulted through this crush, writing him at all times of the day or night, always with salutations of “sweetheart,” “beloved one,” “gorgeous,” and on and on. At some point I began to realize that he was not feeling the same things I was, as he clearly, warmly, and honestly would inform me that he was just not open to sharing his sexuality or even becoming “virtual” lovers with anyone.

In such beautiful words, he defined this time in his life as a time to reclaim his autonomy while gaining higher insight into his nobility, integrity, and spirituality as a man, which of course just made me fall even harder.

Of course, my wise and mature self totally agrees and supports his feelings and his space. Aren’t I just the most spacious “lover” a man could ever ask for? Not only do I live with my domestic partner of twenty years, I am also twenty years older than “the other beloved,” not to mention half a world away!

And yet…. and yet…

Be sure to stay tuned for Part 3, where I describe the effect this man is having on me, in detail!

Big love, Caroline

As I join with you in this time of Truth and Trust, I invite our Oneness to shine upon those who are called the “essential workers” … those who are keeping our needs met while we quarantine at home with our kids and movies and loved ones.

I am passionately behind this project called “Honoring The Essential Workers,” and you can read the whole story below. I am honored to be friends with the author, artist, and sculptor, Spar Street, who conceived and implemented this project. I highly recommend you acquaint yourself with his work!

I made the first donation to this cause in order to put my sincere effort behind this launch to the general public! Please join me if your heart says YES!

May we join together in the great Heart of Peace.


Honoring the Essential
A Movement to Acknowledge Those Who are Sustaining Our Lives

Who could refrain that had a heart to love and in that heart courage to make love known? ~ William Shakespeare

After 9/11, people raised flags in their yards, flew them from their cars, and wore hats, buttons, and t-shirts to make their love known. Sculptures, monuments, and awards were made to honor those who died and those who served. 9/11 was a horrific situation. People let go of everything but their love for a while. It was moving and powerful, beautiful and inspiring!

I want to bring that level of power, beauty and inspiration to into the world now. I want to make flags, hats, t-shirts, pins, buttons, and sculptures to make our love known to the essential workers at this time when thousands of people dying every day from COVID-19. I want to launch a website where people can post their thoughts about the courageous people in their lives that are still serving, or those who did serve and died from the virus. I want to honor and acknowledge the fact that essential workers are still finding the courage to show up for work, thereby sustaining our lives. And I want to you, if you feel inspired to do so, to join me and make this happen.

The inspiration, passion, and compassion to take action began in early April while standing in a checkout line. Through the eerie coldness of people standing silently, all wearing masks and maintaining social distance from each other, came the dry, sarcastic humor of the clerk joking with the customer in front of me. He said “I am an essential worker. I am immune to the virus.”

At one level, I appreciated that he was making light of a heavy situation… and at a deeper level, I recognized that I, as an individual, and we, as a collective, are not really acknowledging the “essential workers” for the service they are providing and the tremendous risks they are taking to provide those services. From my perspective, this is a profound demonstration of the care they have for us. Without these essential services our lives could not be sustained for long. They are risking their lives to sustain ours.

Two nights later, I was buying dog food and I told the woman serving me the story about the check-out person joking about being “essential” and therefor “immune to the virus.” I told her I can’t stop thinking about how this cashier used to get up and go to his relatively safe job, collect his paycheck at the end of the week, and take care of his family with what he brought home. Now he was going to work with no guarantee of safety, no guarantee that he would not catch this virus, get sick, or even die, and no guarantee he would not pass on the same fate to those he loves.

She looked cautiously into my eyes as if to decide if I could truly see what she was going through. I told her that I honored her for her courage, the courage to know the risks of going to work, both for her and those she loves, and going to work anyway. Tears started welling up in her eyes and she said, “Nobody is talking about what it takes to come to work under these conditions! I don’t think anyone wants to acknowledge that we are risking everything!”

Her eyes showed me the intensity of all that she was feeling. I replied, “You are being so brave. I see you.” When I saw that she had let that in, I said, “The truth is that you have, at some level, looked fear in the eye, and chosen to be of service to something more valuable than fear… You have chosen to care. You have chosen to love. I honor you for that.”

How many other essential workers feel unacknowledged and unseen for the all-encompassing commitment they are making? These people are risking everything so we all can live! The question haunted me for days. How can we say “Thank you” for their courage, their bravery, and their extraordinary commitment in a way that truly honors what they are exposing themselves to and the ways in which they are risking everything they love in order to serve us?”

Many of the workers at the hospital here on Maui now have COVID 19. The same is true in cities around the world. Workers from grocery stores and the post office have died. They are risking their lives and the lives of those they love by their continued commitment to serve. I consider this level of commitment heroic. I believe they are part of the making of history right now. They are being brave in the face of unthinkable risks to make a stand for something bigger than fear. I think it is important that we honor and acknowledge them for their courage in a truly meaningful, heartfelt way.

I believe showing our support with flags, t-shirts, buttons, hats, cards, and sculpture could touch their souls and renew their spirit. They would feel our support, especially in the times it feels too tough, too impossible, too meaningless to go on. I believe we are in this together, and that there will be a time when our essential workers will need to feel our caring behind the noble commitment they have made. I believe that how we work together now will determine what is born out of this challenging time. I believe that how we connect with, acknowledge, and honor the brave human beings around us right now will determine not only how we go through this, but what comes out of it.

How much more energy would they have if everywhere they went, they saw a symbol that told them “I see you. I honor you. I thank you. You are essential”? I would love to see them seeing that! Would it light you up to be part of that? They so much more than just “essential workers.” They are the heroic embodiment of love, caring, and courage. They are the embodiment of everything that is good, true, and beautiful about being human beings. And I believe there is great value both for them and for us to stand up and give a powerful voice to seeing these people for who they have chosen to be in the face of great danger.

I have designed a symbol that we can wear as a statement of honor and appreciation. It can be worn as a pin, a shirt, a hat, or a mask, or flown as a flag on your lawn or your car. The symbol we have chosen is a heart within heart, to reflect the open-hearted nature of these courageous people serving us right now. I also envision an award made as a small sculpture that we could give to anyone we wanted to personally acknowledge a friend, family member, or employee for their courage and commitment at this time. With enough funding, larger sculptures could be put up in cities to honor those who found the courage to take the risk of going to work to sustain our lives in the face of unthinkable odds. The cumulation of all of this would show that we see and appreciate the value and worth of these courageous and committed people.

Amir Dossal, Co-Founder and President of Global Partnerships Forum, has agreed to partner with me in forwarding this movement by making his 501 (c) 3 charity status available for donations to this cause. Mr. Dossal served as Executive Director for the UN Office for Partnerships and has received many prestigious awards for his contributions to the well-being of humanity over the last 35 years.

Should you want to donate through his charitable status organization, please find details of how to donate below and receive a tax receipt for your contribution.

In addition, if you would like to own one of my artworks right now, all of the proceeds from that exchange will go towards moving this forward.

Thank you for reading this and considering it. I sincerely appreciate it.

Spar Street

Global Partnerships Forum Inc. is a 501(c)(3) – a registered public charity.  EIN: 45-4359619
Global Partnerships Forum Inc.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA.
1 United Nations Plaza, Floor 01
New York, NY 10017. Tel: +1 (212) 740-7093

Account Number: 000000479274933
ABA Number: 021 000 021

More about Spar:

Over the course of his esteemed career, Spar Street has created artworks for people who want the art they collect to empower the feeling of being deeply connected to the people and ideas they care about most. The emotional and spiritual qualities of his work have uplifted and inspired many of the world’s most influential and admired leaders on a daily basis for more than 35 years.

Spar’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally in galleries and cultural centers, including Art Miami, Miami Beach, Florida; Art Miami Context in Miami Beach, Florida; Hay Hill Gallery in London; Alp Galleries in Frankfurt, Germany; SCOPE in Basel, Switzerland; Gallery 1949 in Aspen, Colorado; the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego; the Hansen Galleries in New York City; Gallery Rodeo in Beverly Hills, California; the Pam Driscoll Gallery in Aspen, Colorado; Gallery Duval in Key West, Florida: GRAMMY Art of Music Gallery in Las Vegas; Plaza Galleries, Whistler, B. C., Canada; Artesia Gallery in Vail, Colorado; Richard Thomas Galleries in Park City, Utah and San Francisco; J. R. Fine Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona; International Art in Miami; FACT Gallery in Laguna Beach, California; the Masterpiece Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida; the Rendez-Vous Art Gallery in Vancouver, B. C., Art Link in Sydney, Australia; and Art Gallery Masajiro in Tokyo.

In addition, his work is in private, corporate, and public collections including those of Sir Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Andre Agassi, Richard Gere, The United Nations, The Virgin Group, Bank of Hawaii, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Neiman Marcus Group, HSBC, The Seagram Company, Pan Pacific Hotels, Nike Corporation, Federal Express., the B. C. Children’s Hospital, Columbia Academy, Lions Gate Hospital, Shaughnessy Hospital, Simon Fraser University.

For many years Spar Street’s sculpture, The Agent of Change, has been given as an award at UN events to honor presidents, prime ministers and dignitaries who are changing the world for the better.

Spar had personal experience with a virus that put him in the hospital for 4 days with a temperature of 105 degrees. Thanks to the essential worker that helped him survive, he still lives and works on Maui.

Eros, Love, & Desire

“Despite all of our best efforts, Eros will not be silenced. Eros is still here whether it shows up in secret shameful desires or secret shameful eating… in rebellious acts of sexual delight or lonely acts of sexual desperation. The erotic is in our buildings and bridges, our high art and low porn. It is what the body wants and what we refuse to give it… It is the desire swept so far under the rug that we can’t even name it anymore, yet it is still here. The erotic is waiting, curious and hungry, growing impatient for our acceptance. Ready to leap out at unexpected and inopportune moments. The domestication of our primate souls cannot stamp it out, nor the threat of stoning nor shame nor even the threat of death. Even when Eros appears to have surrendered beneath a sea of calm, measured reason and propriety it is there… diverted into the car purchase, the affair, the internet shopping spree, the constant surfing and yearning to fill the empty spaces in our souls.”
— Anonymous

Dear One,

There is so much we know and so much we don’t know about love, desire, passion, lust, the sacred, twin flames, soul mates… and the list goes on. What we know is what we feel in the moments when Cupid’s arrow lands willingly in our heart or any other part of our complex terrain. There is no mistake when we feel the penetration of that which we often call LOVE!

It spins our minds into a swirl of possibilities… it gives us hope! It ignites the weary soul, the flaccid libido, the lifeless and repetitive days. For centuries poets have written of this mystery so we could turn to their words for support and understanding. See! I’m not the only one who has ever lost her balance over compelling desire!

I personally prefer living in a state of “in-love-ness” whether it be over a person or over me! Of all the choices I could make (worry, fear, concern, etc.) I continue to shape and mold this self-serving choice into something palatable, tasty, and life-affirming.

I reflect upon the sensational times in my life when the unmistakable lure of lusty love drove my attention towards that which made my skin itch with desire. At times it was in the form of a white sandy beach met by blue sea water into which I could immerse my body and soul. Other rushes of love came in the form of men or women, cats or dogs, babies or children, which compelled me to focus all of my longings and aliveness upon them… only to be met or ignored, never knowing if they would take a second look at my interest in them.

There is an unwavering hope that I will be met… met by a best friend, met by a lover, met by an invitation to experience life in a certain way that I didn’t even know I wanted or yearned for. The longing rises to the surface at unusual times, often at night when I can’t sleep… when the veil between the worlds is most thin and I know this other presence is waiting on the other side of the veil, a mere breath away. I know of soul mates and twin flames and at times have been certain I was looking into the eyes of that other soul at the same moment as they looked into mine.

But was it true love, the kind that changes the landscape of a Life well lived yet that has been vacant in this particular area of fulfillment?  I wish I knew…. I wish I knew….

Do you? Please share!

Xoxo Carolina

Desire… passion… lust… ardor… love. These are compelling emotions. When they rise in me, like a wave upon the sea, I must hang onto something if I am to maintain any form of balance. This wave sweeps me into a cauldron of turbulence long before I land into anything formally familiar, such as peaceful serenity.

Quite honestly, desire is like a compulsive urge that takes over my otherwise clear focus. Gone is reason, sensibility, or the certainty that I know what my life actually looks like, for in the cauldron of desire I am rendered somewhat helpless.

And, I must admit, I love this visitation from Cupid’s arrows into the clear waters of contentment. I also fear this visitation, as I feel the rush of activated aliveness turning into intoxicated bliss. Suddenly every thought-form is now complex with the presence of an intensity to love – in this case – another.

Admitting to “I am in love” is akin to admitting I have gone crazy with desire. Now each breath contains the scent of the focus of this passion. His or Her skin is the only skin I ever want to feel again. His or Her scent is 100 Proof over-the-top sexual desire bubbling up from my genitals as it consumes everything in its wake within my formally familiar form. My legs shiver and my knees quake as my heart recognizes that I am in the grasp of this thing called Love.  All songs throughout my life that contain a recognition of this sword of Truth begin playing in my mind. I simply cannot return to a time before this visitation occurred. I am speechless, helpless, and hopelessly adrift.

I hope and pray it is simply temporary insanity!

Love and compassion for myself is my Rx for living a Life that is truly rewarding.  Happiness is a choice, often fostered by great friendships that spark a special aspect of my aliveness. Dare I say “yes”?  Dare you say yes?

With Amrita taking on the Sacred Feminine Mystery School Trainings, I actually have more time for Love. As this is my true path, I am eternally grateful… grateful for the opportunity to feel the depth of the love that I am.

My only solution for how big Love is, especially when Love goes beyond the One, is to hold the reality of loving others as the great Puja of Life. In the moment…  that looks like Love the One You’re With. In the next station of the Puja… Love the One You’re With… and on and on into the circle of Life.

Care to join me?

One hundred percent here with my Desire and my Love, Caroline

I love learning about amazing new technologies that can blast open my energy field either for real or because it sounds like they can! Does that ever happen to you? With so much input from people and the internet, I am constantly amazed at how much I don’t know. I often feel like a big giant sea sponge, absorbing in order to plump myself into an orb of intelligence and balanced energy.

The voluptuous goddess I see for my Reflexology sessions turned me on this particular “quantum-infused product.” I admit to a certain limitation in terms of molecular technology and my relationship to my own molecules… but I’m open. I want to understand the complex energy that makes up who I am – or at least who I think I am – beyond my obvious definition. Queen and Tantra Goddess only captures so much of me… in fact, only a crown’s worth!

Women, especially at this time in Herstory, are midwives of massive downloads of data. We don’t (well, I don’t) need double blind studies to make me a believer… I love to be Amazed!! I love Union… I love the experience of what I don’t fully understand. If this lovely and very believable man can up my vibration for every activity during the course of my day, I receive with an open heart.

Ok, this may sound woo woo to you. I kinda rock my head from side to side questioning “quantum infused products” myself – in this case, Flower of Sunlight oil – yet something inside of me says why not? The dictionary defines quantum as “the smallest amount of many forms of energy (such as light).” I am not an affiliate… I make nothing if you order it, but I wanted to give you a first-hand report. I will continue to research. I bet my orgasms are bigger than ever with such “enhancement”!

Cellular communication refers to the way in which our cells ‘talk’ to one another, thereby restoring vital energy and enhancing performance while helping to maintain proper energetic balance. I opened the package of my Flower of Sunlight oil, enthusiastically applying it to my wrists and under my nose. My review for today… my energy was off the charts! We shall see.

I sometimes wonder, in left-brain inquiry, if I am being duped… drawn into a mystical possibility that the wearing of a pendant or the use of an essential oil will transform my reality. My mid-western upbringing taught me to question everything before the ‘60’s taught me to primarily question authority. Yet faith and belief are also a strong component of my spirituality and spiritual path. If it feels right, I believe!

How do you know if something is worthy of your faith and belief?

In human and mystical domains, Caroline

The process of designing and creating a new website with my team inspired me to have a new photo shoot as outlined in my last blog post. That led me to thinking about my professional presentation and all the ways in which I take great care of myself.

I did a double-take when, as if reading my mind, my beloved sweetheart innocently asked the inquiring question: “How many technicians does it take to Service a Queen?” Why, I had never counted!

I pondered this at length. “Service a Queen” became, in my own words, “maintain this divinely feminine woman,” so I began working on my list. No doubt some have faded into obscurity but this is pretty close to what fills my appointment book each month and year along with Private Immersions, teaching Interviews, seminars and workshops, travel, and of course, a wonderful relationship.

These are my precious, non-negotiable “services”!

Virtual Assistant/Business Manager

Hair (monthly)

Nails (bi-monthly)

Massage (monthly)

Reflexology (monthly)

Internist (quarterly)

Dermatology (semi-annually)

Dentist (semi-annually)

Esthetician – a person who is knowledgeable about the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art (monthly)

Trainer/Gym & walks outdoors (3x per week)

Chiropractor (monthly)

Cranial/Sacral Therapist (monthly)

I do have a great attitude that I want do pass on to you and to my students that I embody myself… Yep!

Embody Your Ecstasy! Embody your Tantra Goddess!

I once thought it was the wealthy and retired who have time for all of these “services,” but I find myself falling into the category of non-retired with a business in which I report profits and losses to the IRS… like you I imagine? And I live within the same allotment of hours per day and week as you… I imagine? And I love and need my beauty sleep… like you, I imagine?

This is in addition to my quiet down time doing yoga, self-pleasuring, the preparation of meals, and meaningful conversation with my partner/sweetheart. Or a regenerative nap, often laying on a massage table on my BioMat, above it all in my healing sanctuary at home.

How might I make time to write another book? I am feeling the need and desire to record forevermore the stories and the experiences I have in the private sessions that involve Sexual Awakening and Healing and Tantra for Women. I’m educating people who are aware that life could be more meaningful if they knew more about their sexuality and patterns of intimacy or the fear or lack of it. I rejoice in transformation, but I cannot tell ALL of the stories here in these Blogs… and, of course, I would never mention names as I have great respect for everyone’s privacy.

I publicly admit that another book is on my horizon… something like “Remarkable Women I have Known and Loved.” It will be an easy read containing stories I have heard and transformations I have witnessed. What drove me to write Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening, was the driving passion to remember my life before I forgot too much of it. Now I want you to know about these lives I have touched and the courage of women of every age to take on their Awakening into their Birthright of Pleasure.

If you are curious to know more, there are numerous free resources on my brand new website.

I would like to know, in the comments below: How do you embody your Tantra God or Goddess?

Into the Mystery, Caroline

I had the honor of spending 90 minutes recently being interviewed by Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Conscious Uncoupling, for one of her private classes. It sparked powerful memories and fifty-odd years of relationship, love, separation. and divorce.

While many are doing the sacred work of “uncoupling,” I have lived that sacred work with Charles successfully since 1997. Best Beloved Friends is a worthy choice during and after ending what we believed was a “forever” marriage.

Now I share with you the picture that was taken of my first kiss with Will, fifteen years ago at Maui airport saying good-bye and Aloha to the only man who claimed my attention after my separation and ultimate divorce with the Beloved Charles, four years prior.

I pasted this little saying to the photo many moons ago and it’s still there, proudly the centerpiece of one of many altars in our home.

In speaking with Katherine I authentically praised her very successful and best-selling book, Calling In The One. I ponder about “the One,” having felt each time that I was marrying the One. Each moment with the One is each moment with whomever I am with, if that makes any sense to you. That, to me, is full Connection or showing up in full presence with each invitation to become “one.”

In my wisdom years, I now acknowledge there are more “the Ones” than we can ever imagine. Yet aching and yearning for the One is a function inside each of us that drives our psyche and our sexuality forward. In my thirty years of guiding and participating in Tantric Pujas (a moving mandala of loving presence with each person), I developed the skill of bringing one hundred percent of me into presence with a new individual each moment and in every breath. The tall, the short, or the not so attractive are each The One for those few precious moments in time.

This practice has taught me how huge love really is! And as the little sign in the picture says, staying in love is where real love resides. Living the love that I am is not always easy. I get irritable… I get impatient… I move at a different speed of light than my dearest One… I am annoyed when hard of hearing seems to be his choice, rather than his problem.

But real love, not pretend love, is the outcome of this awareness. This is the staying in love, deepening into love, and growing into the love that happens when a couple ages together over the long term of relationship. I would love to hear about YOUR experience of the work and the commitment it takes to continue deepening into the warm river of unconditional love …

To The One, Caroline

by Caroline Muir “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

Fire heartPriest and philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was on to something. If his words seem startling, it’s because we don’t usually think of love as a force of nature. But indeed it is! Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Some mystics say there are only two forces at work: love and fear… light and dark… the beginning and the end.

Sex is an expression of love, as taught historically in ancient India by the Tantric cultures. Yet, it must be sex practiced as an art form, as an offering to the Divine; as a yoga where union of male and female energies are expressed in human form, integrated  with the holy and the sacred. Passion is our birthright while pleasure is a close companion of passion. What inhibits some is the fear of the power of passion. There is passion in sex, just as there is passion for life, for success, for money, for our children… for everything that sings of aliveness.

Blue hands out sun ray tight crop resizeEverywhere I go, people notice something unique about me. I can finally admit this, having turned away many times from their recognition. Owning who I am… owning who you are… is Grace. It is a message to creation that you are paying attention. Vitality is a sister to aliveness. How do you rate your vitality? Does it accompany you throughout your day? What do you do about your vitality when it wanes? Rest? Push through? Drink more coffee?

In fact, much of your vitality is fueled by your sexual energy. That does not mean you need to have sex in order to be vital. In fact, sex often robs us of vitality if sex is something that is endured or done for the benefit of someone else. Education and rewiring of our thought forms about sex and sexual energy is essential in order to tap into the vitality and aliveness that sexual loving can offer.

Need a boost in your vitality, your aliveness, your passion? Bali is calling you! Come ride the biggest wave in history with me and bring your enchanted surfboards and magic carpets! Gals, we are rewriting Herstory with our persuasion and power to love with abandon. Wo[Man] creates Fire for the second time in history!